In the next era of information technologies we can all use a helping hand. Neitco is that helping hand for small and mid-sized businesses. If you are not comfortable with cloud-based productivity applications and want the productivity gains that come from easy collaboration on documents and worksheets contact us. If you are facing upgrading your on-premise servers contact us and we will help you understand the pros and cons where you can make an informed decision.


We provide the following services to help your business be ready for the next era.

  • GSuite Training and Support

  • Google Cloud Operations Management

  • Play Signage Operations and Configuration

  • iAuditor Training, Configuration, Support

  • Custom Application Development

  • Systems Integration

Consulting Services

In addition to our IT services, we offer consulting to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

  • Relational database logical design

  • Machine Learning data development

  • Cyber security fundamentals

  • Network Design

  • Traditional or SCRUM Project management

In our consulting, we use the most appropriate parts of our comprehensive business development and project management process called ideas2Profits (i2P) shown below.