we can help you

Being helpful is the key value we provide. As we all move into the future that is described by everything having to be SMART, and our data having to BIG and our machines having to LEARN, it can be very daunting to small and medium businesses. We exist to help you understand what all this means and how you can and must apply it. We help these technologies be helpful to you!

We are an information technologies company born in the enterprise IT environment that brings an enterprise approach to help small and medium businesses thrive in the next generation of IT by providing:

  • Value-added reselling of select products and the services needed to implement them quickly;

  • Software development to create IOS, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Slack apps;

  • Training and support for GSuite applications;

  • Operations support for Google cloud environments;

  • Network design and cyber-security consulting;

  • Relational database and machine learning data-set design;

  • Traditional and SCRUM project management.

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