EZ Alert

Notifying people used to mean using a landline phone to call people one at a time or for sophisticated organizations the use of a call tree. The problem with this approach is that often times one or more people were always left out. Today, you can use the EZ Alert app that is designed to provide a simple means of sending consistent and reliable notifications to all of your important people.

When any of the large buttons are pressed, both a text message and telephone call are sent to a predefined group of people. This insures that no one is left out of the loop when critical events happen.

To use EZ Alert you will need to (1) purchase a monthly subscription, (2) register and configure your alerts and then (3) download the free IOS app from the Apple app store from your iPhone or iPad.

When you purchase a subscription you will be provided a link to the configuration website. We are always available to help, the best way to contact us is through our FreshDesk system.

Before use EZ-Alert must be configured.

Just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Access the website: https://ezalert.snagabot.com

  2. Register

  3. Login

  4. Go to EZ Alert Dashboard

  5. Go to Setup Alerts

    1. Repeat for each notification

  6. Go to Address Book (Contacts)

  7. Go to Your Devices

Link to more detailed instructions.

If you need assistance please contact us at https://neitco.freshdesk.com


After purchasing a subscription and configuring your alerts, download the IOS app from your iPhone or IPad.


EZ-Alert is developed by: