In bygone eras individuals and companies leveraged tools to increase productivity. In the next era apps of all kinds will be available, Neitco can help you discover the right tools for your environment and can help you configure them quickly and integrate them to maximize your productivity.

Partner Apps

We proudly partner with select application providers. Neitco and our affiliated companies use each of these apps in our daily operations and can pass along real world experiences and best practices.

Neitco Apps

We design and develop applications to help you be aware of impending threats and fleeting opportunities in your business. Our custom software uses the latest web technologies, texting and telephony.

We have apps that attract and engage with your customers and employees, apps that enable your employees to reliably and consistently notify key people in your company that they need help and apps that monitor your cold chain equipment and notify you of any pending failures.


Using applications are great but many times to get the highest productivity you need to integrate the applications and exchange data. Our on-staff developers have extensive experience in using application programming interfaces (api).

All of our apps feature custom interfaces into Slack to consolidate information and provide you un-paralleled awareness of your operations.